In 1963 was to construct a plant to produce the core of Large-Scale Bagasse and continued aftershocks of the Sugar and Integrated Industries until 1995 when it was founded Misr Edfu 31/07/1995 pursuant to Act No. 230 of 1989 and its implementing regulations and amendments thereto, as amended by Law No. 8 of 1997 Promulgating the Law on Investment Guarantees and Incentives and executive Regulations the decision of the President of the Council of Ministers No. 2108 of 1997.
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Sales and Marketing

Products are marketed in the local markets for companies and printing presses and press institutions and government .. The products are exported to some Arab , African and European countries, either by selling directly to importers or distributors by the company who export Icomowon paper sold them from our company.

Goals and future plans

  • Misr Edfu seeks hrd to improve production in both quantity and quality by applying all innovations in the field of pulp and paper industry
  • Misr Edfu technical administrative staff trying to develop production in order to meet customers’ needs and style .
  • Misr Edfu uses domestics raw materials as much as it is possible to give up importing raw material for the other production needs.
  • Misr Edfu Act trying to find itself a respected area in the external markets and new exporting chances .
  • Misr Edfu raise employees qualifications throughout continuous training providing scientific reference .
Misr Edfu