In 1963 was to construct a plant to produce the core of Large-Scale Bagasse and continued aftershocks of the Sugar and Integrated Industries until 1995 when it was founded Misr Edfu 31/07/1995 pursuant to Act No. 230 of 1989 and its implementing regulations and amendments thereto, as amended by Law No. 8 of 1997 Promulgating the Law on Investment Guarantees and Incentives and executive Regulations the decision of the President of the Council of Ministers No. 2108 of 1997.
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Production process monitored by newest and high techniques machines and tools which control production QCS, DCS and quality control from process starting point to the final stages to guarantee the product quality before getting to the consumer’ s hands.
Specifications data sheet


  • Uncoated woodfree paper ( Reels , Sheet and A4 )
  • 100% vergin pulp
  • Basis weigh from 50 to 125 gm
  • Brightness from 92 to 95% ISO
  • Opacity from 90 to 100%
  • High strength properties
  • ISO

    The company obtained the ISO certificate in 2004 both the ISO quality system No. ISO 9001 - 2000, and environment system No. ISO 14001 and it renewed every three years.

    Misr Edfu